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At Ward Aguilar Financial, we have a long and rich history of helping clients achieve their own unique objectives. For more than a decade, we've been committed to listening, building long-term relationships, and helping individuals and their families realize the opportunities they create for themselves, their children, businesses, communities and future generations.

We set out to be different. On purpose. We’ve spent a great deal of time and energy to making Ward Aguilar Financial look, feel, and sound different than all of those “traditional” financial advisors. Here’s how.

A financial advisor is more than its capabilities. At the core, it’s about people. Trusting the future of your family with ours is a really big deal. The first step is getting to know us. Meet our family.

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A little old school mixed with new ideas keeps Ward Aguilar Financial current. We’ve been around the block a few times (think three decades) and take that knowledge to task when reviewing new financial products, models and service platforms for our clients. We select only what we believe are the best solutions in order to maximize transparency and financial continuity.


We don’t just meet with you once, collect your information, plug you into a generic program and move along. That is just not how we do things. Think boutique. We take your input and goals to create a unique solution that isn’t like anyone else’s. We don’t stop there. Market changes, life changes or even goal changes will have us re-evaluate and recalibrate. We watch over your investments and pay attention to performance.


We have heard the horror stories of how some of our clients were treated before they came to Ward Aguilar Financial. We don’t have control over the market, but you bet if something drastic occurs, we roll our sleeves up and will reach out to you. We aren’t afraid to get a phone call from a concerned client, we welcome it. We are always accessible.

Our Team

Keythe Ward-Aguilar


Keythe is the founder and works directly with clients to develop wealth management, asset management and strategic planning strategies.

Bryan D. Ward


With over a decade of experience in wealth management and advisory services, Bryan brings a high level of investment forecast experience to Ward Aguilar Financial.

Mark Ward-Aguilar

Mark capitalizes on his years of experience to focus on Ward Aguilar Financial’s group health and disability as well as individual products offered to our small business clients.

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