We love pouring over numbers, trends and indices so you don’t have to. We live and breathe the market every day. It really is a passion of ours.

Getting a solid investment strategy in place is a priority for our clients. We conduct intensive in-house research on trends – even as far as 20 years out. Our team also reviews all products that we believe would be beneficial to our clients. One of the beautiful things about Ward Aguilar Financial is we are not obligated to sell you “our” product. We choose only what we believe is best for our clients’ personal investment strategies. We think fast, we have access to a lot of investment solutions and we tailor those to you.

What will your investment strategy consider?

  • Objectives
  • Risk tolerance
  • Cash flow needs
  • Tax situation
  • Wealth aspirations

Ward Aguilar Financial’s ongoing role is to incorporate our best strategic and tactical thinking, most relevant research analysis, current market insights and appropriate investment solutions into your portfolio.

We are attentive. We regularly monitor your portfolio to make sure it conforms to your overall investment strategy.

We are proactive. We will update your strategy whenever there are significant changes in your life or goals.

We are accessible. If you change your plans or goals we are there to change your plan and portfolio.

Let’s start a dialogue.