Wealth isn’t always the destination. It is typically the path to get to the destination. What changes from person to person is how you get there.

We will learn your goals and desired lifestyle and create a structured plan to help you work toward your ultimate goals. Your plan will reflect the combined experience and knowledge of our seasoned team and creates the context of your long-term financial strategy.

Part of a wealth structuring plan will inevitably contain an investment strategy. Learn more about the Ward Aguilar Financial investment operation.

A wealth structuring plan is an integration of personal and financial goals. We include everything from cash flow needs to investment strategy to tax implications to transferring your legacy to the next generation.

What will wealth structuring look like? Expect our plan to answer questions like:

  • Can I afford to leave my current career and pursue another passion?
  • Will my standard of living or investment profile need to change?
  • If I live to be 95, will I have enough money?
  • If the market tanks, will I have enough money?
  • How do I keep taxes from taking a big bite out of my assets?
  • How will I fund my kids’ educations?
  • How can I leverage my stock options and 401(k)?
  • How can I transfer my wealth to the next generation?

To sum it up, your wealth structuring plan is designed to provide you, your family, your future family with thoughtful financial solutions customized to your life. Interested?  Let’s talk.